the fun stuff

These are articles I've written on less business-focused subject matters.

The idea for each was to create an informative, engaging, and easy-to-read piece of content. For the really fun stuff (albeit dark), check out my creative work.

Although there are multiple studies showing the benefits of taking up dancing, the excuses not to dance are infinite. What's holding you back? Take a look at some of these common objections and why you should just two-step around them.

My grandma turned 100 last year. She lives in Colombia with the rest of my mom’s family, splitting her time between the bustling city of Medellin and the tranquil countryside of nearby Rio Negro. Needless to say, she prefers the countryside.

From hipsters, to stay-cations, to the California water crisis (remember that?), I wrote a menagerie of articles for this online publication.

If you are in fact a hipster, please don't take offense.

What do Harvard research, Buddhism, and smartphones have in common? They can all help make your daily commute into a time for self-improvement.

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