Format: Sales Email for Juice Brand
Subject Line: Personalized nutrition made easy


You have needs: emotional, financial, spiritual. Managing all these needs on your own can be stressful. Especially in regards to nutrition.


Do you know the correct daily amount of Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, or Aptogens your body requires?


If your answer to that question was “Huh?” let us explain.


Personal Nutrition


Every person has unique nutritional needs (yes, you are special). How do you find out your own? And when you do, what cocktail of pills and multivitamins will meet them?


Don’t worry. The days of bottles of nutritional supplements are over. There’s an easier (and more fruitful) way: personalized wellness shots, delivered to you every morning.


“What, what, what?” you say?


A Better Way


(Company name) takes care of it for you. Here’s how it works:


  1. You talk to one of our nutritional experts who helps you figure out your personal needs

  2. Customize your wellness shot: choose from delicious bases like Blueberry+Beet, Carrot+Ginger or Tropical Mango+Pineapple

  3. We fortify the shot with your personalized combination of naturally sourced vitamins and minerals

  4. It gets delivered to you every morning!


You can have more energy and mental clarity every morning, without doing any research. Sound like a miracle pill? It’s not. It’s a shot.


Visit our website and start receiving your all-natural wellness shots today. A supplement that, quite literally, is made just for YOU.


Jumpstart your wellness today!

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