dagwoods emails

Dagwoods is a one of a kind pizza joint in Santa Monica, CA. It's the perfect place to grab a cold one with your slice. I write their emails, helping them keep customers coming back. 

This campaign was aimed to help customers comply with the stay-at-home order and also help Dagwoods sell off excess inventory.

Talk about a tricky time for marketing. My strategy here was to address the gravity of the times, but add a tasteful amount of humor to help recipients feel at ease. It had an excellent response.

customers reached: 4,939

open rate: 28%

click to open rate: 18%

subject line: 🧻 Groceries Delivered From Dags!

Language creates a vivid image in reader's mind

Offer explained clearly and concisely

This concession create trust with the reader; we're not claiming to be the all-in-one solution

Reinforces the value of the offer

Call to action that explains to the reader exactly what they need to do next

customers reached: 3,549

open rate: 19%

click to open rate: 8%

subject line: 30 Meals = CHEAPER Than Your 📞 Bill!!!

Subject line grabs attention and describes offer in a relatable way

Highlighting exclusivity of offer

Offer explained clearly and concisely

Clear call to action again highlighting exclusivity of offer

Epic image from an epic movie

cold emails

Just because you don't know them doesn't mean you have to be cold. These are a couple warm-blooded cold emails I've written.

subject line: What makes composite engineers tick?

This email was used to request an interview with two industry experts in aerospace composite kitting.

I conducted the interview and used it to write a soon to be published article.

Hi Jon and Darren,


What makes composite part engineers tick? The Wesco Aircraft marketing team wants to know, and who better to ask than our partners at Velocity?


We have an opportunity to publish a featured article in Aerospace and Defense Technology Magazine, and we want to tell the story of hi-tech composite master kits. Basically, what they are, how they work, and why people should care.


A&D Technology is geared towards an audience of engineers, and online research simply can’t provide the level of detail needed to produce a 1200-1500 word article on the topic. Also, this isn’t a sales pitch; it’s meant to be an informative and engaging piece of content.


Could you answer some questions regarding composite master kits, either over the phone or in writing? It would be a huge help to us (and good exposure for our partnership). Some questions can be found below.


Thank you, Jon and Darren. I look forward to hearing from you.




Subject line attracts attention and creates curiosity

Simple explanation of what we're looking for

Call to action highlighting the benefit to the reader

subject line: [Name], do you handle composites?

This was a template I developed for our sales team to promote a new offering to existing customers.

Using hard-hitting numbers to highlight benefits

Highlighting exclusivity of offer

Hi [Name], 


I handle [job title/responsibility] at Wesco Aircraft. We provide [company name] with [service/product]. Based on what I’ve found online, you appear to be the right person to connect with, or might at least point me in the right direction. 


I’d like to speak to someone from [company] that’s responsible for sourcing composite manufacture materials. 

We’re offering a new composite kitting service that can reduce your material spend by 25% and  composite part manufacturing time by over 20%.  

This is a high-tech service no one else is offering, so I wanted to make sure [company name] knew about it. Here’s a video with more information. 

If you’re the person to talk to, are you open to a 15 minute call [time and date]? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person? 

I appreciate the help! 


[Your Name] 

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