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About Me


Born, raised, and fermented in the beachside LA mountain town of Topanga Canyon, I consider a day outdoors a day well spent.

Problem is, I'm obsessed with this writing thing. Short stories, long stories, pithy headlines. Whatever. I'll stay inside all day manipulating words.


What has this obsession taught me? Easy. That it's not about me.

It's about the audience.

Whether it's copy for a sales email or the dream sequence of a fiction story, my approach to writing is to consider the audience first. Maybe that's why I've never successfully kept a diary.

If I'm not talking to myself to test the believability of dialogue, you'll find me finger-picking a guitar, repurposing free Craigslist furniture, or trying to find the best empty waves in LA county.

That's the story I tell myself, at least.

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