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Golden Hippo
Selling Longevity

Golden Hippo has turned its multiple online health and beauty brands into a billion dollar business.


And at the root of all that moolah? Damn good copywriting.


While working there, I was trained by the best-of-the-best in how to create copy that left readers no choice but to click.

I personally managed my own email list for the supplement brand LCR Health, but also wrote emails, ads, and other copy for notable brands like Beverly Hills M.D. and Gundry M.D.

Facebook Ads

Did you know olive oil could do this?

Direct Response Sales Email

The copy below generated over $50k from a 5k recipient list, with a 14.7% click-to-open rate.

Subject: 63% OFF Active-PK (my fat-burning energy-booster)

Preheader: Boost energy and burn fat with the help of my best-selling formula.

I’ve been getting the same question for months, {{contact.first_name}}:


“When will Active-PK be on sale again?”


And it makes sense.


After all, Active-PK is my best-selling formula – helping thousands of people feel slimmer, stronger, and more energized.


So I'll cut straight to the good news –


Yesterday, my warehouse manager secured just enough bottles for a limited-time sale...


So while supplies last, I’m offering you a HUGE discount.


The wait is over! Order Active-PK at up to 63% OFF – to help burn fat for ENERGY [LIMITED SUPPLY]


What makes Active-PK such a popular formula (with over 1 million bottles sold since its release)?


Well, it’s the exciting transformations real users are experiencing.


Things like disappearing love-handles


Higher energy levels that help you keep up with your loved ones…


And fewer cravings that make it easy to stay on top of your health goals.


How is this even possible?


It’s all thanks to the AMPK-activating ingredients inside this formula.


As you may know, AMPK is an enzyme that helps provide many of the health benefits of vigorous exercise… 


Without you even moving a muscle.


And while that might sound like a stretch, the science shows it’s true.


Activating AMPK can actually help your body:


  • Burn and keep off fat...
    For a trimmer waistline that’s easier to maintain.


  • Improve energy levels and endurance…
    So you wake up every morning feeling ready to go, and stay energized all day long.

  • Maintain strong and healthy muscles…
    That make you feel CAPABLE instead of frail.


That’s why I carefully formulated Active-PK with 3 of the most effective (and natural) AMPK-activators available:


AMPK Activator #1: Gynostemma

In a study, participants were given gynostemma daily — without changing their diet or exercise habits.


And get this:


After just 12 weeks, they had significant reductions in belly fat, waist size, and weight.


That’s right – gynostemma helped them burn fat without restrictive diets or exhausting exercise.


AMPK Activator #2: Berberine

This natural molecule is a PROVEN belly-fat burner, helping you look and feel your best.


By activating AMPK, berberine supports healthy levels of fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar already within a normal range in your body.


AMPK Activator #3: Quercetin

This incredible antioxidant helps activate AMPK in your brain, keeping you sharp and alert.


It also can help soothe stiffness and achy joints that slow you down (especially in the morning).


The result is a more able body and mind that help you keep doing what you love.

As you can see, these ingredients have amazing effects on their own.


But when combined together in Active-PK, their benefits become maximized…


And the results can truly be LIFE CHANGING.


Just please keep in mind –


If you want to feel the energy-boosting and fat-burning power of Active-PK... 


At over half off the retail price today…


You’ll need to act fast.


Because I haven’t done a sale this big in ages…


And I expect our sale supply to disappear fast.


CLICK HERE to claim your discount of up to 63% OFF Active-PK – our sale supply won’t last long!


Whether it’s your 1st time using Active-PK, or your 100th time...


I really hope you see this email in time to take advantage of your exclusive discount.


Because my flagship formula can help you enjoy the slimmer, fitter body you deserve.


To your longevity,


Dr. Rand McClain

Chief Medical Officer



P.S. How many bottles of Active-PK are right for you?


For first-time users, I recommend the 3-bottle package (enough for a 3-month supply).


That’s because the effects of Active-PK get STRONGER over time…


So 3 months gives you the chance to feel the full energy-increasing and fat-slimming effects.


And if in those 90 days, you aren’t overjoyed with your results…


Just send your empty bottles back for a full refund of your purchase price (no questions asked… seriously).


Of course, if you’re already an Active-PK user, I suggest the 6-bottle package to really maximize your savings...


And now’s the perfect time to stock up, {{contact.first_name}}.


Don’t miss up to 63% OFF Active-PK – and support a trimmer, healthier you [ACT FAST]

Value-Driven Email

To keep recipients opening emails, you need to give them compelling content they want to read.


That's where emails like the one below come in.

Subject: HOW TO: Feel fulfilled (brain hack)

Preheader: This trick makes your brain run at full speed...

Hi {{contact.first_name}},


Have you ever been so wrapped up in an activity that you
seem to lose yourself?


Your stress melts away, you’re 100% focused, and hours
fly by like minutes.


This is what many of us call “being in the zone” — and
what researchers call a state of “flow.”


It happens when you brain runs at maximum efficiency,
giving you an experience of deep and enjoyable focus.

And it turns out, experiencing “flow” can do
absolute wonders for your health.


Researchers have discovered this phenomenon can help:

  • Make you feel happier and more satisfied with life

  • Give you a greater sense of fulfillment and confidence

  • Increase your focus and mental clarity

  • Help you feel less stressed and worried

  • Help you be more productive and work at the best of your

So how can you experience more flow in
your life?

It’s actually not that difficult — and I’ve laid out the whole
process for you in 5 simple steps.


5 Steps for Entering a Flow State


1. Find Your “Peak Brain Time”
Every person has different times of day when their brain
runs at peak performance.


Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, that’s when you
should engage in your activity.


You can find your “peak brain time” by noting when you’re
most productive over the span of several days.


2. Pick the Right Activity
Pick an activity you know how to do, but is also


There should be a balance between your ability and the


For example, if you’re playing tennis against an opponent
FAR below your level, you’ll quickly become bored.


And if you’re up against a pro player who doesn’t even let
you score a point, you’ll become frustrated.


But if you’re playing someone who’s just a tiny bit better
than you — you can totally focus and enter a flow state.


Your activity can be anything you love to do, like a sport,
playing an instrument, sewing, or painting.


3. Set a Clear, Measurable Goal
In order to experience flow, you need to have a clear


For example, let’s say you want to learn to play guitar.


“Learning to play guitar” is too vague. Does just plucking a
string count, or do you need to be a rockstar?


Instead, make your goal something like “learn how to play
this song.”


With a clear, specific goal like this, you can stay focused
and easily measure your progress.


Also, be sure to turn off your “inner critic” — flow is
about the process, not the end result.


Instead of worrying you’re doing something wrong, just
keep pushing yourself towards your goal.


4. Start with a Focus Exercise
Before you start your activity, it’s good to have a sort of
“ritual” you do to prepare for deep focus.


It can be as simple as going for a short walk, or brewing a
cup of tea.


This trains your brain to expect a period of deep focus —
and prepare for it.


Bonus Tip: Brewing a cup of green tea is an excellent
“before flow ritual.”


The caffeine can help boost your concentration, and it
contains a host of other health benefits.

5. Eliminate Distractions
Flow is a state of absolute focus — so you need to set
aside anything that might distract you.


This is especially true in today’s age, where our phones
are constantly buzzing with notifications.


Before starting, set your phone to “Do Not Disturb,” turn off
the TV, and avoid the urge to check your email.


Now, you're ready to start your activity and
enter a state of flow.


You’ll know you’re there when you’re laser focused, time
flies by, and you just feel fantastic.


I hope this message inspires you to go challenge yourself,
{{contact.first_name}}. And remember:


Just go with the flow!


To your longevity,
Dr. Rand McClain
Chief Medical Officer


P.S. Can you think of a time that you experienced flow?


What were you doing, and how did it feel?


I often experience flow when I go on my daily run.


The first few miles might be difficult, but after a while, it
starts to feel effortless.


I’d love to hear about your experience,


So if you’d like to share, just reply to this email and tell me
all about it.


You may just inspire me to go try something new!

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