Sustainable Wetsuits

Most surfers own a neoprene wetsuit. You need to unless you want to go the way of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.


Problem is, neoprene manufacturing requires non-renewable resources and emits a whole lot of CO2. That puts shivering surfers in an awkward position. Neoprene is great for warmth and flexibility. Not so great for keeping coastlines where they’re supposed to be.


Yulex Wetsuits are made with natural rubber from sustainably grown trees, and manufacturing them emits around 80% less CO2 than making neoprene suits. 


That makes Yulex Wetsuits the crossroads of performance and sustainability.


Placement in surf and outdoor magazines.

Out of Home

Place ads on lifeguard towers by popular surf breaks.




Contest where people share things they made out of old neoprene wetsuits. 

Winner gets a free Yulex suit.

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